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Easily Digestable Foods

I've been having problems with digestion, so I've been searching around for foods that are easier to digest. However, I've come across a lot of mixed ideas. For example, some sources say fruits are easy to digest, while others say they're not...
Anyhow, here are some of the things I found.

Foods that are easy to digest:
-rice products
-blended soups
-raw veggie juices
-herb tea (peppermint, fennel, or chamomile are best for gas and constipation)
-many types of fiber
-enzyme-rich foods (like yogurt or apple cider vinegar)

Foods that are hard to digest:
-foods with high protein content (cow's milk, meat, soy beats, tofu, etc.)
-fatty foods
-barley and oats
-wheat starch

*"If your digestive system is the least bit sensitive--and you have what's called irritable bowel--then, milk, beans and other common problem foods may be even more intolerable. With an irritable bowel, the nerves in your intestines may overreact to irritating food and drink. This triggers spasms in the muscle wall of the large intestine. The contents can't move along, so you become constipated. This distends the bowel. As the contents ferment, gases are produced, making you bloat even more."

Sources: (I think this one is the best/most informative)

I'm also interested to hear what foods you think are both easy to digest and nourshing, or hard to digest. It would be cool if we could make a whole big list of foods that are helpful and ones that should be avoided by people with an irritable bowel. Tips to avoid these problems are good too (ie, drinking a lot of water, getting exercise).

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