Erin P. (erinstotle) wrote in ed_ucate,
Erin P.


I have some general questions I wanted to ask regarding binging/purging, as well as compulsive overeating. I was having a conversation with a friend, he said some trivial things re: obesity, and so I began to wonder.

  • Do you binge on foods that are hard to purge because you want to challenge yourself?
    (This might sound a little fucked up, but I have deliberately eaten nuts and sticky foods to punish myself in the past. Hope I'm not alone on this one).

  • Do you tend to binge and purge on expensive, exotic foods, or do you tend to opt for the cheapest foods available knowing that they're coming up, anyway?

  • Do you think obesity SHOULD be considered an eating disorder in the diagnostic material?
    (If obesity is a medical condition, as opposed to a mental condition, then to label it an eating disorder wouldn't make sense, right?)

  • Why do you think obesity is so prominent today - do you think it's soley cultural/familial/class factors, or because people don't know how to control themselves? What else?
    (If obesity is caused by just cultural factors, should it still be considered an eating disorder?)
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