sheza_doll (sheza_doll) wrote in ed_ucate,

I've never posted here before. I've had an eating disorder for 6 years. Something will happen that sets me off and I restrict and exercise compulsively for months or even a year until I either end up hospitalized with anorexia or something just clicks and I go the other way, eating compulsively and then trying to compensate. I eat and eat and eat and then I feel disgusting and fat and try to restrict. Then it turns into bulemia...restricting/fasting all week and then eating everything I can get my hands on when the weekend rolls around. Then the whole cycle starts over again...anorexia...bulemia..anorexia...bulemia.

My point, what I really want to talk about, is laxatives and diuretics. I've read the memories and tried to research some online. Everyone says laxatives and diuretics don't make you lose weight. But why do so many people use them if they don't? Some articles say its just water weight, others say its psychological. To me, I recently experimented a few weeks ago with laxatives and I'm addicted, and i FEEL lighter. I read its very bad for you, but as weird as it sounds, I really can't stop now. I'd really like to know more about this. Maybe if I was better educated I could stop. I want to know how other people deal with laxative and diuretic abuse and what it does to you.

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