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recovery: what comes first - the chicken or the egg?

especially if you are sincerely recovering or recovered from an ED, i am interested in what you have to say on this matter.
but comments from anyone are welcome.

i know there's some debate among therapists, 'experts,' etc. about whether ED patients ought to be treated for their symptoms first (e.g. restricting, b/p'ing, etc.) OR for their life issues (that ushered in or helped maintain their ED).
from my limited experience, therapists tried to tackle both; one simultaneously, and another focusing for a while on food journaling and then on life decisions / feelings / underlying issues, while asking me to keep a food journal if i deemed it useful.

my discussion question is this; what do YOU think the ideal approach to recovery is (wow, what an all-encompassing question!), *specifically* in terms of trying to correct one's life in order to make it more satisfying (whether this be in the realm of a job, area of study, and/or more active social life, hobbies, etc. my mother seems to be in this camp, btw) and afterward seeing if the ED behaviors 'naturally' dissipate*, OR first really focusing on correcting one's relationship w/food, and THEN dealing w/the rest of one's life after the food intake has normalized*?

let's assume the patient is interested in recovery, but not 100% committed to it.

note: i see that these* are both important areas, however, a person (esp. a semi-depressed one) can only do so much at once(!), so i'd be grateful to see what you have to say. :-)

EDIT: while i of course agree that if one is emaciated/severely malnourished, this must be corrected before one can be of sound mind to tackle underlying/psych issues, that is NOT the case for me (and probably a good # of other bulimics??); i am at an avg./'healthy' BMI/weight and no one who sees me on the street probably speculates that i might have an ED.

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