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appetite for destruction

i just stumbled across this website today, after reading about it in Nylon magazine. in reading the history section, it turns out that the artist began making this art as therapy for an eating disorder and her work now supports the National Eating Disorders Association. i find this to be a very inspiring and uplifting account of someone turning something awful into something beautiful.

anyway, i thought i'd share! here's a link to her website:
Spoon Fed Art

After over a decade underwriting commercial loans, Los Angeles-based designer Karin Collins has put her business experience together with her passion for art, pop culture and fashion to create SpoonFed Art.

In January 2004, after a few major life changes, Karin decided to leave her job to pursue a more fulfilling career. Just prior to resigning, Karin had begun fashioning pendants out of spoons as a means of therapy for an eating disorder. "It was the first time I had allowed myself a real creative outlet and it made life better. I made the pendants for myself, but every time I wore one I was amazed at the amount of compliments I received." So when a friend suggested that she start a business, Karin decided to give it a try... and SpoonFed Art was born.

SpoonFed Art is a member of the NEDA, the National Eating Disorders Association. For more information on eating disorders, please visit the NEDA website.

- from

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