Erin P. (erinstotle) wrote in ed_ucate,
Erin P.

overeaters anonymous questions

for anyone that has been to an overeaters anonymous meeting (OA), can you please generally describe what these meetings are like?

some questions...
1) do meetings solve any problems?
2) are they motivational?
3) are there a wide range of people (age, weight, gender)?
4) are meetings emotional or intense? are people shy or outspoken?
5) what types of things do you talk about (control, nutrition, environment, dieting, etc)?
6) what strategies are implemented in combating overeating?
7) what type of person leads the group (psychologist, nutritionist, etc)?
8) do many eating disordered individuals come to this or do they have "disordered eating"?
9) do you feel comfortable in meetings?
10) are meetings open to everyone or do you have to sign up beforehand?
11) is there an all-around positive vibe from these meetings?

the only thing i know about OA is what i've seen on starved which is a radical and dramatized image and i don't think this is very accurate (unless it is, then let me know!)

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