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roomies/flatmates with EDs

Have any of you lived with other girls/boys who also have EDs? How did that affect your own situation/thinking? Was it helpful (having someone else who recognizes the signs of an impending binge? Someone to talk to? etc)? Or was the 'competition' aspect (or other negative factors) overwhelming?

I'm thinking about living with another girl next year (I wish I could live by myself, but $$$ is a problem and two-person rent is cheaper) and in almost every aspect she's fantastic - quiet, clean, studious, and nice. But: she's a bulimic/purging anoretic.

Thoughts? Is this a no-way situation? A good thing? I'm ambivalent at the moment, just because I can predict both amazingly good results and also a complete meltdown.

What has been your experience?

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