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Anyone know the effects of diabetes 1 and anorexia?

My younger sister's just come back from Uni for a couple of days and she is the absolute thinnest ever. She looks horrifying. I don't know what to do. She seems to be eating small amounts, but she just looks so anorexic. I've spend the whole day binging and purging, and I know she's triggered/made worse my behaviour today. I know she needs help - but what can I do, i'd be a total hypocrite trying to talk to her with my ED history. Plus, although i've put on A LOT of weight, and hence my parent's "think" i'm better - I am still so ill, everyday binging and purging.

I feel angry at my sister. I tried to protect her from EDs for so long, I never, ever talk to her about my ED, I didn't ever want to burden it on her or indeed trigger an ED in her.

She's also diabetic. At first she restricted what she ate by saying to everyone she couldn't eat this or that (basically ANYTHING with fat in it/too much sugar) and she seems to use her diabetes not to eat.

I'm so worried i know anorexia and diabetes do not mix and when they are the long term and short term effects of both illnesses are lengthened/worsened.

I really am resenting her at the moment and I don't know what to do. Now she's lost all this weight, my parents are concerned. It's like she needs help because of her diabetes. they totally ignore my bulimia. But I love her and know she needs help, but I can't even really talk to her normally, her behaviour and skeletal frame make me repulsed. I know she’s on Fluoxetine which her doctor has prescribed (she keeps this secret), so maybe she is depressed. But she should be having constant checkups with the doctors and know she hasn’t been for ages. She must be hiding this. I’m so worried, but also feel this sense of envy/frustration that she’s so thin (even though she looks terrible – and is flaunting her skinniness, walking around in just her underwear, and clothes literally hanging off her). Anyone else have a sister with an ED? And or diabetes? I want to be a sensible/happy/go-lucky older sister to her, but i'm so engulfed by my ED I can't face dealing with hers and mine.

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