Amanda J. (i_rock_a_little) wrote in ed_ucate,
Amanda J.

I am currently in recovery, and I am actually doing quite well. Mentally and emotionally, I'm great (or as great as I can be, I guess). The only thing is, I'm having a really hard time with body image/recovery weight-gain. I mean, obviously I expected to gain weight when I went into recovery. It's just really difficult dealing with body image. So... on to the question.

1. If you are recovered or recovering, what are some methods you have used (either in therapy or not) that helped you achieve a more positive body image? Can you suggest anything you haven't tried but think might be helpful?

This isn't exactly a discussion, I guess, but I am really in need of new ideas regarding this, because I've been acting out without any real emotional triggers, primarily they've been physical, and that usually isn't the case with me (unless I'm masking my real fears and emotions, blahblahblah).


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