My girl, tell me where did you sleep last night? (tinypaperdoll) wrote in ed_ucate,
My girl, tell me where did you sleep last night?


I have ED NOS, with strong bulimic tendancies, and i have suffered with my eating disorder for coming up ten years now.

The discussion I would like to raise is, promiscuity.

My personal life has consisted of 14 sexual partners in the past ten years, both male and female, each relationship has been of the clingy sort, with me having an intense need to feel 'the best, most funniest, most attractive, better than anyone else etc etc' to each person that I have been involved with. None of them were one night stands. I just found someone better to obsess about, and moved on, until i found thier floors.

The relationship I have now is perfect, and for the past 3 years I havent looked at anyone else. I put on 20lbs from feeling comfortable with him, which in turn made me refuse to go out because of my size and hideousness.

Now, however, with ednos/bulimia being rife, I have started to go out more, I am getting attention from all directions, and have started this cycle of 'willing' people to be attracted to me. I am extremely intense with people, and far too over the top.

What I am trying to say is, when I kiss someone else, I block out the happy life I have with the boyfriend, which to me, seems exactly like a binge/purge session. Its like I'm to myself saying 'You're a whore, you deserve nothing less, it is expected of you'. And like b/p-ing, it also has the excitement and secretive-ness, along with the guilt or denial of guilt that follows.

Anyone else have similar experiences or thoughts on this?

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