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please stop the hate

The hate is everywhere.

Hate in our reflections. Constant judging, non-stopping critiquing of what's good, what's better, what's less, what needs to be thinner. People hate themselves and hate their bodies. Self-flagging is an occupation, something one masters. Degrade your personalities, qualities, skills and behaviours. Physically deprive yourself of the basic essentials to life.

I see good, wonderful people dying around me, withering away, wasting time, ignoring truth, hurting others by hurting themselves...dear god, all this suffering.

Who will listen when I say: "stop the madness"?

This is tiring. It makes me sad. *cries* I care too much. Here are my projects.

Power Quotes
– compile 1000 quotes on overcoming personal struggles
I Hear Voices
– compile 1000 lyrical quotes on self-love love and happiness
Eye See Beauty
– capture 1000 happy pictures of random, every day people in real life

I am but one person. I am but one voice. I am but one writer.

Tell me, am I alone? Who wil help me stop the madness of self-hate?

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