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For most people in here i'm sure that pics of skinny celebrities are of great interest. But for that we are often labelled 'disgusting proanorexics' using pictures of celebs as 'thinspiration.' I just find it ironic that we cop flack for that when it is nationally sold magazines that provide most of these images. These magazines aren't even aimed at the eating disordered community they are aimed at women in general. So in all fairness i'd going to say that most women whether disordered or not, find interest in looking at skinny celebs. I also know overall people's perception of healthy bodyweight is all messed up and these mags don't probably help. The mags are labelling Nicole Richie as too skinny and people who aren't eating disordered who read these magazines are saying she and others look 'disgusting' or like 'coke heads.' If they really think that then why do they continue to look? I myself don't pay money to look at something that disgusts me. So if these celebrities are really so disgusting and gaunt and emaciated and people are horrified when looking at them then why do they continue to buy magazines full of these images, which in turn means that the magazines continue to be in print. If they think Mary-Kate looks like she was in a concentration camp then why are they still so fascinated to look at her? Even no name celebs or celebs who are rarely photographed can make front page if they drop a few pounds too fast. So i think that really, altho people claim that these celebs look bad, they would also kill to look like them. And even tho the media says they look gaunt and sick by continually plastering these pics everywhere they are saying "Yes it looks better if you look like this, we just can't say so." So i guess what i'm saying is that it's totally hypocritical and we are the only ones being honest with ourselves about how these images affect us and what example they set.

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