mess of details. (five_feet_small) wrote in ed_ucate,
mess of details.

check yo'self before you wreck yo'self

i just created a new community for students struggling with school & eating disorders. finals are approaching in the near future (for some people), and i was hoping to utilize this community to help stay on track (and hopefully not procrastinate more). ideally i'd like it to be like a big support group, to encourage and inform people on how to do well, with the occasional "please kill me i hate school" venting allowed. i JUST started it, so there is not much to it yet- i apologize. feel free to join if you're a student and i hope the ball will be rolling soon.

i feel guilty this is not really "educational" so if you don't want to join for whatever reason or even if you do- HOW do you manage school & eating issues? there has been a lot of discussion on IF you manage them well and how it affects you, but what specific strategies to you find to work? or even managing an ed & work-life?

yes, i know there is discussion on this topic in the memories, that's why i thought it would be applicable.

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