Caitlin (the_satin_doll) wrote in ed_ucate,


I am most likely going to in-patient hospitalization in a few weeks and, as much as I know i need it, am really nervous. I have had an ED for over 6 years and have been hospitalized twice before, but last November I began abusing laxatives. I've become really dependent on them and every time I try to take myself off of them I get constipated and then wind up really needing them. I'm sure other people have had a similiar experience, but I was wondering if anyone knows how they handle this in the hospital and help your system get back to normal. I'm paranoid about being constipated for the entire month (or however long my stay is) I'm in the hospital. Kind of an embarassing question, but any responses from people who have had a similar experience would be much appreciated.

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