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{Insert creative subject line here}

Age: 15

Gender: female

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 99

BMI: 17.5

I think I have this ED: I was diagnosed with anorexia, but I've gained about 10 pounds since recovery so I don't really fit the BMI criteria anymore. :-\ But I have missed my period more than three times. **Sigh** I don't know.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Oh goodness, where to begin? This calls for a little neat bulleted list!
*"Thinspiration": Just saying the word sounds so ridiculous and corny. Starting at a picture of Mary Kate will not magically make you thin if you are still shoving potato chips down your face.
*People who ask for tips on how to avoid food. If you really want to be thin, that should be enough motivation to keep you from eating.
*How many calories are in {insert food here}? Look it up yourself. It's not that hard.
*Pet names like "ana" and "mia". Don't make it sound cutesy. Diseases are not cute. When people get cancer you don't give their tumor a cute little nick name. How is this any different?
*Looking around my lunch table one day and noticing that none of my friends are eating lunch, because they "want to be ana too." (Okay, that's not a community pet peeve, but it pisses me off so much I needed to get it off my chest!)

Questions/comments/concerns: I don't want recovery to effect the way people view me in the community. Yes, I'm recovering, and eating somewhat normally. But it was never really my choice. I was forced into it and now I'm watched like a hawk. My parents are using the fucking Maudsley approach, if anyone here has heard of it. Anyways, this community is God.


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