almostperfect00 (almostperfect00) wrote in ed_ucate,

first time with nutritionist

This is a question for anyone who has previously had an eating disorder and saw a nutrionist while well into recovery.

i've had cyclical eating disorders for the past four years and this past semester, I got help (saw a psychologist) and recovered mentally (i had "recovered" physically over the past summer).

I'm seeing a nutrionist mid-week for the first time and just wanted to know what to expect (i still religiously count calories- should i tell her that? should i also disclose my eating disorder history?) and ANY and ALL questions i should ask. My personal goal from the session is to know how many calories i should be eating and tips on not to emotionally eat or restrict (i still sometimes struggle with not letting myself restrict/ binge).

about me: I am a very health-conscious eater (ie- limited/no artificial foods and only eat unsaturated fats, a ton ton ton of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, beans, etc) and i do an hour of cardio (running, elliptical, walking or biking) in the morning six days a week. I think that's it.. ANY feedback would be great. thanks so much!!

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