Lei (_idealism) wrote in ed_ucate,

Perfected Souls Recovery (forum)

Link: http://www.psrecovery.com

A forum dedicated to those recovering from an eating disorder. We are currently a small community, which stemmed off the large ED forum "Perfected Souls", which many of you may know about. Recently we have been looking for new members to join us.

The board is full of recovery resources, with many discussions about different aspects of our eating - meal plans, accountabilities, strategies, experiences, underlying psychology... to name a few.

A good proportion of the site is also dedicated to non-ED-related areas: fashion, music, media, art, etc. We build strong relationships, and get to know each other far beyond the scope of our eating disorders.

If you are interested in joining, click on the link above to register. Name 'ed_ucate' as your referrer and you'll be approved immediately. If you're feeling lost once you're there, feel free to PM me (username: lostaquarium).

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