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Too short to be qualified anorexic?

Hey everyone! This question has been bothering me for awhile now, and I was wondering if something similar has happened to anyone else.

At one point last year, my mum was desperately trying to get me into my second in-patient stay, but this time we were having a lot of trouble finding someone to take me. The waiting lists were huge and I apparently wasn't thin enough for a lot of them.

My mum was fighting over the phone with this operator for our insurance company. The operator was convinced I didn't qualify as anorexic because I was, and am, 4'8. Even though I was 75 pounds and that wasn't my natural body weight, she thought I wasn't anorexic because I was short, and apparently its okay for someone short too weight so little.

I was wondering if anyone else has faced some problems with people not believing you're weight was little enough to be anorexic?

Thank you so much everyone.


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