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Documentary about dieting in Canada - Diet Confidential

Tuesday June 13, 2006 at 8pm on CBC-TV
repeating Sunday June 18, 2006 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

From CBC: Documentaries (includes pictures!)

Atkins. South Beach. The Sonoma Diet. The Coconut Diet. Every day a new diet is born and confused consumers struggle through conflicting messages to choose the right path to weight loss. In the battle between the marketing pressures to eat more, versus the social pressure to weigh less, only the marketers are the real winners. CBC Television offers an inside take on diets and modern marketing culture with DIET CONFIDENTIAL.

What’s the recipe for the successful modern diet? Take a piece of expensive real estate for the title (South Beach, Sonoma, Beverly Hills), add a pinch of celebrity endorsement, stir in a media-friendly diet guru and the diet is set to be a hit, spawning book and food company spin-offs. DIET CONFIDENTIAL explores today’s world of serial dieting. Although dieting has pre-occupied North Americans for more than a century, diets have recently become powerful mass-market brands. And food companies are trying to keep up with, and cash in on, the latest, hottest diet.

One might think diets are about science, but they’re mostly about marketing. After Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution reached extraordinary heights of popularity around the world, it raised the stakes for every would-be diet guru. Now a new breed of successor is trying to achieve diet and financial glory with more books, more eating plans and more promises. DIET CONFIDENTIAL is a compelling and entertaining look behind the scenes at the battle for our bodies and our wallets.

DIET CONFIDENTIAL was directed by F.M. Morrison and produced by Olenka Demianchuk. Executive producers are Mark Starowicz and Susan Dando (CBC Television).

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