your_poultry (your_poultry) wrote in ed_ucate,

This post is going to sound completley ridiclous but this question was triggered but reading a thread of comments in another community about making fun of/talking about the ''Ana Goddess'' haha

Now for this incredibley boring stupid question:

There was a post recently about how some of you basically hallucinate after you haven't eaten for awhile.

Well, for the people who do hallucinate, do you believe that maybe serious cases of hallucinating people actually have an altered state of conscience where their is an actual 'Ana God', so to speak, that they talk to, or image, and that they believe really helps with them to continue on their path?

Maybe people don't even have to hallucinate, and they just really believe in this higher power that really 'helps' them.

Any thoughs? (and i do realize how stupid this sounds. i'm sorry haha)

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