ggglost (ggglost) wrote in ed_ucate,

family experiences

For those of you who have either been through treatment or are trying, how was it to tell those close to you - parents, siblings, significant others, etc and how did they react?

In my situation, my mother recognizes that there is a problem but does not believe in medical mental intervention of any sort (therapists, anti depressants, etc) and believes instead in the power of the individual. I've briefly touched upon the topic of my ED with her, and i keep trying to hint at it so that she eases me into a telling conversation because i'm too nervous to do it alone. when we talk, she gets angry and it's clear that she thinks its some immature "quick weight loss" decision ive childishly made rather than a terrible, overpowering disease. i'm almost to the stage where i want to recover but i'm so afraid to tell her any details because of how she'll view it. and me.

so, any stories? has "coming out" changed your relationships? i know that when i finally 100% decide to get help i'll need the support of my family but it's going to be so hard to get it. has anyone been in this situation?

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