El (cherribl0ss0m) wrote in ed_ucate,

Sorry for posting so much all at once, but this is a poem i felt like sharing, hope its ok!

If you ever left my head
I wonder who'd be there instead,
I’m just so used to being you
I’m not too sure what I would do.

I’d have to fill so long each day
With other thoughts than what I weigh,
You wouldn’t tell me how to act –
Alone, my mind is not intact.

You’ve been a part of me for years;
You’re there behind my hopes and fears.
You’ve been the founder of my dreams,
And filled the gap between my seams.

You’ve been my constant for so long
The only thing I know is never wrong –
At least, that’s how it seems to be,
What I believe, what you’ve told me.

You showed me how to gain control,
You pushed me hard, you set me goals,
But always moved them out of view
When I came near to pleasing you.

Now I’m so scared of letting go,
Not sure I really want to know
The sort of person I’d become
Without you telling me I’m scum.

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