A-Z (jainanicole) wrote in ed_ucate,

I've been lurking here for about a year, but I've decided to break the silence with a question that's been bothering me for a while.

I'm diagnosed ED-NOS, and haven't restricted very heavily (or for very long) in the past. My body works the way I imagine it was engineered to work; that is, when I don't eat, I get hungry, and it's hard for me not to satisfy that evolutionary urge. I'm curious as to the long term effects of restricting on the "hunger" function. Do diagnosed anoretics (or those who restrict heavily on a daily basis, but are not otherwise diagnosed) lose the feeling of hunger after a couple of days? Or does the body keep fighting to be heard? Really, does the feeling of being hungry ever go away, especially if you restrict enough, or do anoretics simply develop their own methods of supressing the pangs and urges brought about by an empty stomach? I guess, ultimately, I'm wondering whether or not this disease can actually destroy biological functions such as hunger pains. And if so, would "recovery" bring them back, or are they gone for good?

If anyone could share personal experience, I would really appreciate it; otherwise, just point me in the direction of an article or study, and I'll be on my way. Many thanks!

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