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I've had stomach upsets lately. My Mum got so worried that she went on the internet & looked up a series of things on stomach ulcers (her observation is stress, in conjunction with my ED which is very well known to her) and together we have been trying to figure out what has been causing them.

FACTS I KNOW/relation to me
1. Anorexics, proven fact, will feel full/sick in the stomach after such a small amount of food, as their body is not used to eating. I've been in 'physical recovery' (maintaining an 'underweight' weight) and have done so for around 8 months eating what would be considered a normal quantity of food. Still, especially at certain times, I am so full I feel I could throw up. Prior to this, I was maintaining a simular weight, but on less food/calories.

2. I have abnormal integestion patterns to begin with: severe reflux as a child - basically I am making the point that as someone with a smaller than average stomach, medically since birth, have to be careful with swallowing, etc.

3. You should wait AT LEAST 1 hour before exercising after eating.

Cause/Question: I had a can of tuna & a large apple, and a cheese stick (note as this is 'acidic'/could cause stomach upsets) at about 1:45pm, and went on a very fast power walk at about 3pm. Whilst I was walking, my stomach was jiggling. I felt full after the food, but not as full as AFTER I got back from the walk. My stomach would have doubled in size over the course of the walk. I had my shower & the afternoon tea I 'have' to have and it didnt improve (this was a yoghurt), and it has not completley gone away. It will not go away till the morning when my stomach becomes flat (ish). I felt like I was going to throw up with anything I put in my mouth: yet my stomach didn't feel heavy, it felt full, gased up, etc. Has anyone experienced this?

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