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So, lately, I've had the strangest desire to read ED-related literature.

Call me crazy.. because I probably am at this point.

I don't know what it is, but I just feel like reading more about it. I have, of course, read the obvious, Wasted [which, believe it or not, I thoroughly enjoyed.. despite it being extremely triggering and doing nothing to help me in anyway.. except to delve further into this obsession.. though I think I knew that going into it].

If anyone has any suggestions, fill me in. thx.

Otherwise, I just finished 50 minutes of stationary bike..ness. I was supposed to stop at 40 but I have this weird thing.. if the number of miles [or whateverthefuck it is] is past say.. 20.1, I have to go until I reach 20.5. Past 20.5 and I have to go until 21.. though if it's at 21 I usually figure I may as well go to 30.. and, well, it goes on.

Or, if I'm listening to music, I tell myself I have to at least finish the song. but if another one starts, I'll have to finish that one as well.

I also have to end on either a 10 or a 5, as far as minutes are concerned. Example: I can finish at 1:05 or 1:10 but nothing in between.

Yay for incoherency!

Anyway. Anybody have any weird work out quirks? Yea this entry is jumbled and screwy. Fun.

*imma cross-post this baby, too.

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