sfsdfsdf (threeamcoffee) wrote in ed_ucate,

I have a question, well more of a "discussion" type thing. Well I love my therapist, as a person, but I don't really think she gets it. She will not talk about food because she says "it's not about food." Like mentioned before, she has lots of theories about why I have an eating disorder, mostly centered around my lack of relationship with my father. I disagree, I was picked on and degraded/humiliated constantly in elementary school. My sisters treated me like the scum of the earth and my parents had expectations that led me to hate myself more than anything. My lack of relationship was more of a blessing than anything~! Anyway, I know E/Ds have lots of underlying psychological "stuff" however, in some ways it IS about food. If you restrict for a long time you are far more likely to binge and binging is a response to hunger rather than emotional distress. The fact that lack of protien really does leave you bloated adds to the psychological distress of eating. So my question is...how much of E.D. recovery must be focused around food, certainly my therapist cant be THAT dumb to think that as soon as the underlying issues are solved my E/D will..dissapear, i disagree. The eating behavior promotes itself.

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