the darkest ★ (xfiftyninex) wrote in ed_ucate,
the darkest ★


This is just an observation/theory that I've come up with, and I think it makes sense.

Do you think that when a person is starving, the fat around the area of the ribcage disappears first?

I only ask, because when I was first dieting, eating a healthy amount (although my thoughts weren't healthy), I was at a lower weight than I currently am, but my ribs weren't nearly as visible.
Now that I'm restricting, I find that my ribs are quickly becoming more visible.

It would make sense, in a survival/instinctual-type way, sort of like "Oh wow your ribs are showing, you must be malnourished!" and thus making the search for food more urgent?
Also, in literature, and just day-to-day stereotypes, visible ribs are always a symbol of starvation.

I think it's an interesting observation/theory, and am curious to know what you think.

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