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Calorie Restriction Society

Source: Calorie Restriction Society
  • 150 members on website, individuals cut daily consumption by 25% approximately

    The goal of Calorie Restriction is to achieve a longer and healthier life by
  • eating fewer calories
  • consuming adequate vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients

    An excerpt from "Hunger: An Unnatural History" by Sharman Apt Russell (pg 13-14) about the society:

    "Men over six feet tall, weighing approximately 174 pounds, will eat 1500 – 1900 calories a day. Other calorie-restrictors eat less. Typical calorie-restrictors tend to be introverted, self-disciplined and male. They admit that their lifestyles can lead to obsessive behaviours, which they try to avoid. Their goal is to live longer, not less well. They admit that calorie restriction can mean a reduced sex drive, and a greater sensitivity to cold, although they also point to feelings of vitality and increased mental awareness. Most say that hunger is a constant companion. They share strategies to reduce their cravings for food as they map out their days and meals in a war against hunger. They are the newest version of the hunger artist, happy to be in a good fight"


    I had never heard about this until a few days ago, and it sounds kinda cult-ish to me. I wonder if others see EDs as cults (aside from pro-ana websites and such). What do you guys think of this website/society? Am I the only person who hasn't heard of this before? Check out the website, particularly "About the CR Society" and CR Guide, especially CR vs. Anorexia. I know some people in this society might take things too far, and it reminds me of raw veganism but more "pure", as if it’s a religion or spiritual awakening or something. I also find it interesting that males represent a large number of people in this society, and I wonder how many of these males are spiritual/religious.

    I think the anorexia link is interesting, especially since they make comparisons of anorexia and calorie restriction, which can be found on the CR vs. Anorexia link, subtitles in bold.
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