Wouldn't you like to know? (sunnybeaches85) wrote in ed_ucate,
Wouldn't you like to know?

Wow...I really loved all the responses from my last post.  I didn't expect my mailbox to have comments in the 30s!!  It provided a lot of insight, and now I feel more comfortable posting:)

This is on recovery:

What do you think about recovery?  

For those who don't want to recover, do you feel that keeping your eating disorder makes you in a way "better, stronger, more unique" than those who seem to accept the idea of recovery almost  instantly?  Do you think that those who accept recovery didn't have as many issues as you to begin with?  Do you feel that if you recover you will be seen as too simple of a person?  Do you find comfort in being complex?  

What about those who WANT to recover, but struggle?  Do you feel weak? (especially if you have been suffering longer)  

Do you ever feel vain for having your eating disorder?  Selfish?  

Besides gaining weight, what about recovery scares you the most?  If you have recovered, what helped you the most?   What was the biggest barrier?

In IOP, I met a mother with two young daughters.  She was so sick, I just thought it was tragic that she was still struggling and wondered what held her back.  I don't think I want this eating disorder for the rest of my life...the thought terrifies me.  At the same time, I feel the need to prove I am more than a compulsive bulimic.  Anyway, the woman eventually went 2 months inpatient.  She says she's doing much better:)

Whew.   A million questions, sorry.


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