acurate_copy (acurate_copy) wrote in ed_ucate,

Diagnose question

I don't understand why people feel that it's ok to mis-diagnose yourself. I mean, this girl was calling herself anorexic(well, she used the dreaded term "ana")just because she had skipped a few meals or something. Me and another girl politely informed her that it is Anorexia, not "Ana" and that she was technically ED-NOS because she did not meet all the requirements for textbook anorexia. Then all of a sudden it turned into WW III!!! Everyone was saying that we shouldn't have said anything and that if she wanted to misdiagnose herself, then it was ok. They basically said that being misinformed was not bad! They felt that by us telling her what anorexic really was that we were belittling her problem and that we didn't really know what it was like to have problems of our own.

Ugh, it just pisses me off when people do that! They think just because I may already be thinner than them that I don't know what it's like to have an actual eating disorder or that I never knew what it was like being overweight. Talk about belittling.

How do you guys deal when someone denies that you have an actual problem? Have you ever had anyone tell you they were actually jealous of your "progress" just because you were thinner than them? How do you guys feel when people let others misdiagnose themselves?

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