mountainofmine (mountainofmine) wrote in ed_ucate,

plastic surgery

I'm trying to fully recover but it has been a very tough road. The way the weight has settled on my body is very triggering, and it's enough to make me want to relapse at times. I have a very flat chest, but all recovery weight is going to my stomach. I hear people say sometimes how they're glad to get their curves back after getting better, but it hasn't been that way for me, as I've always been fairly small chested.

I am seriously considering plastic surgery - or specifically breast implants. I think it would help my self-esteem and would make me less self conscious about weight gain. The problem is, aside from the money issue, I don't know if a plastic surgeon would take me due to my ed-related history. Would this be the case?

Have any of you had plastic surgery post-ed? (or even pre-ed?) Has it helped, or hindered your path towards recovery? Has it helped your self esteem? What do you think about this in general?

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