Jenn (hystericalheart) wrote in ed_ucate,

I was talking to my ex (long story) the other day. I'd just eaten dinner and was starting to go into binge mode when he showed up. I was very anxious, high-strung, but wouldn't tell him why for a while. Being very irrational. We drove around for a while and I finally told him that I couldn't go back to the house because I would binge.
I really laid a lot on the poor kid--but his complete ignorance of EDs amazed me, honestly. He thought "binging" meant puking.
"All you have to do is eat until you're full!"
"You throw up because you eat too much, right?"
"It just seems silly that anyone would do this even one time."
"You can stop, you're just not trying hard enough."
"You just have to eat healthy and stop puking and then you'll be better."
"You can't have a problem with food. It's all in your head. Just sit down and eat a meal..."
"The only reason I can see for your doing this is because you think you're fat."
Et cetera, et cetera.
I was just so surprised--not by how little he knew, but that he knew nothing about EDs at all. He said they were too bizarre and uncommon for him to have heard of before.
I tried to explain to him that it was much much more than just eating until I am full or not puking or losing weight. He didn't believe me. I told him it was like an addiction--he's all into mind power.
It made me wonder how much anyone "outside" understands this--if they can actually think that it is as simple as "she makes herself throw up because she thinks she's fat, all we need to do is make sure she keeps it down..."
Perhaps being male he's just exposed to the issue less. Perhaps being male he's just way more thick-headed (I have to say that because I believe it--sorry boys, I'm a little biased).
...Have you ever come out/talked to someone about your ED to find that they...don't have a clue?

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