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Hey, I'm tres new here, but as I was reading through some of your posts et comments etc. I noticed that some of you suffer from I.B.S. I suffer from this aswell and I was wondering - If you do have I.B.S., did it stem from your E.D. or did your E.D. stem from the I.B.S.?
And do you think I.B.S. makes recovery more/less difficult?
My E.D. came from focusing so much on my food intake due to ibs symptoms, and I feel more reluctant to let my ED go because it lessens the effect of ibs, as in, if i don't eat (or am 'empty') i don't get trouble from ibs. So I think it makes recovery harder for that reason, and also because it causes bloating and discomfort after food which seems doubled in recovery because you have the added bloating and discomfort from keeping food down.
Anyhoo, I was just wondering how many suffer like this, and what your thoughts are on the subject - much love

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