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Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Height: Five feet, two and a half inches

Weight: 103

BMI: 18.6

ED: ED-NOS...What started out as a 7th grade diet turned into a calorie-counting obsession, followed by calorie restriction, followed by binges and subsequent purges, followed by a period of normal eating habits, followed by more calorie-counting obsessions.

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Diagnosed.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: The way these disorders have been glamorized, the worship of celebrity idols such as Mary-Kate Olsen, the ability these communities have to suck in girls with low self esteem and bring them down into their own personal hell, all because they wanted to lose a few pounds before prom. I don't think the members of such communities should be laughed at or mocked, though. I think they should be pitied, or shaken firmly by the shoulders.

How I found my way here: Through another community.

Questions/comments/concerns: Not really.


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