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Methods of recovery

A little background info:
I have had my ED (a fluctuation between ED-NOS, Bulimia and Non-purging Bulimia) for about three years. Almost two of those years have been spent trying to get better. I have made little progress, despite putting all of my energy and efforts into it and desperately wanting to recover. I have seen a few different psychologists/pschiatrists and honestly, I think they only made me worse...I have also seen a nutritionist who I liked, but I don't think she made a difference really. This was all in out-patient therapy. I know this sounds as if I am expecting all the doctors to simply make me better, but that wasn't the case. I know recovery takes a long time and I am truly striving for it.
So my question is:

Has anyone, specifically with some type of Bulimia/BED, had any experience with a successful method of recovery other than traditional cognitive behavior work? The mandometer post looked really interesting...although I don't know if my health is in such a severe condition that I would need such a controlled in-patient therapy. It's mostly my mental health...I'm sick of living life in 2-cycles. The thing that I related to in the Mandometer post was the idea that depression/mental issues stem from the ED, not vice versa. THIS is what I have believed to be true of myself although no one else (my parents, my doctors) have taken that thought seriously. Also, if it affects anything, I am currently on Wellbutrin.

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