sheza_doll (sheza_doll) wrote in ed_ucate,

I've had an eating disorder for almost 6 years and my family has known for a long time and have supported me through being hospitalized and by paying for a therapist and nutritionist.

But a week ago, my younger sister told me she has an eating disorder and has had it for 2 years. A couple years ago she dropped a lot of weight and has been unhealthily skinny ever since, but she's always denied an eating disorder when approached. So, I was surprised she came to me and wanted to talk about her eating disorder.

I don't know what to call it. She's underweight, but not anorexic weight. She will have "binges" and then compensate by eating very little the next day or exercising. Its nothing like I've experienced with 5,000 calorie binges and excessive purging throughout the binge.

I feel like its my fault. If I had never had an eating disorder, I highly doubt she would have one. But sadly, it also makes me secretly mad that she thinks she can become thinner than me and as a result, I've gone back to heavy restricting. I feel awful for thinking that about her, wishing she would be normal and heavier so that dealing with my ED would be easier.

The morning after she told me she has an ED she left to go on a mission trip. She'll be back Saturday and I don't know what to say.

How the heck do you deal with a sibling that also has an eating disorder?

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