groovetrain (groovetrain) wrote in ed_ucate,

I hate categorizing social groups and stereotypes, but is there anyone out there who would describe his/herself as or someone else would describe you as a "hippie/pothead/flower child/peacelover/anything else along those lines/whatever.

The reason I ask is because in High School I was often labeled this way, but having an eating disorder kind of contradicts the morals and priniciples underlying "hippie culture." A few of my "hippie" friends have or have had EDs as well. I just feel hypocritical sometimes because EDs are often (for me, at least)about vanity, perfection, appearances, pettiness, self-hatred. This is the opposite of what the stereotypical earthy, "hippie" person values, no? I know everyone can suffer from eating disorders, but do you think it's less common for a "hippie" to or does it not matter? Does anyone else feel hypocritical for this specific reason when dealing with your ED?

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