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not quite depression, but...?

i heard a little about the following psychological conditions from a friend who was in AA for a long time and recently endured a tough break-up. he doesn't know i had/have an ED, but he almost gently suggested that i might want to examine myself more closely with regard to these conditions (oh yeah, and he and i dated for a short time last spring; also, my dad's an alcoholic... lovely...):
"Dysthemia (distinct from but commonly mistaken for dysthymia) is a psychological juxtaposition of balancing character traits which induce a withdrawal illness marked by maladaptive dissociate behavior.
. . .
Dysthemia features general symptoms associated with depression, including withdrawal, tiredness, mood-swings, etc. Uniquely, dysthemic persons will change their personality characteristics; however, the underlying personality will not change. Sufferers will shift their desires and needs to those around them, creating a conflict with their own inner or "true needs". This differs from schizoid personality changes in that dysthemics don't eliminate their underlying identity, only the cortical surface..."
"Dysphoria is the opposite of euphoria. It is generally characterized as a feeling of emotional and/or mental discomfort, restlessness, malaise, and depression. A person suffering from dysphoria will feel that 'Things aren't the way they are supposed to be.' . . . Chronic dysphoric mood states may also be a contributing factor in the development of eating disorders and depression.

Dysphoria can be differentiated from depression in that it tends to be an agitated feeling..."

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: what do you think of the (brief) descriptions of these conditions, or about them in general if you're already familiar? can you identify w/what they describe? moreover, have you ever wondered if you're more often/severely depressed than many people yet not quite clinically depressed?
if you feel/are depressed or, for example, dysphoric, how do you find that this manifests itself when you do or do NOT engage in ED symptoms?

*edit: follow the link from the dysthemia article to that on dysthymia if you're interested--it's another condition in the depression 'family.'

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