Charlie. (ohdarling__x) wrote in ed_ucate,

Hello! I'm Charlie [girl Charlie] First post, so I'm hoping I've not done anything majorly wrong!

This is a post I discovered whilst on a bored random clicking spree round Livejournal [we've all been there.]

I haven't asked whether I can link it to over here seeing as it's a public post - but if you think I should, or if I shouldn't link at all, I'll take it down :)

& just a few questions etc. from reading it, you can all probably think of better discussion points than I can at this time of night so please add your opinions etc. [I'm not really aiming at an abortion debate or a breast vs formula war with this.. although aspects of that may come into it.]

Points [mostly aimed at the women in the community - sorry guys]:

- pregnancy cannot 'cure' an eating disorder, however can caring & being responsible for your baby may change the way you see yourself & your disorder? [I'm not saying "HERE! TAKE THIS BOY TO YOUR ROOM.. INSERT PEG A INTO SLOT B.. A BABY WILL CURE YOU!" - but obviously there are alot of physical changes that happen to the body & the mind during pregnancy]
- would having an eating disorder make you feel threatened by people out to label you a 'bad parent'?

I wasn't really thinking about it being a discussion of her parenting choices or parenting choices in general, although of course that will come into it.. I've read a few of the discussions about people with eating disorders influencing/having an impact on others, but not in this context & thought it could spark off a discussion.

[I find it really hard to phrase things properly so I'll probably come back & edit this.. it's currently rather inarticulate & bitty.. sorry!]

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