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I found a link to an article on a post in a livejournal fashion community about a model dying on the catwalk after starving herself for several days. This is appalling. However, the part that frustrates me the most is people's reaction to the post. The people on the community are incredibly insensitive/ignorant.

A real gem: "don't be so surprised, they all put it onto themselves."

There are so many comments along those lines. It's just disheartening.

"A few days back there was talk about whether Miss Universe's fainting spell after her coronation wasn't due to a lack of food. Apparently, that speculation isn't that far off the mark, as a model in Uruguay has apparently died on the catwalk after having starved herself for several days:

A young Uruguayan model died of heart failure while participating in a fashion show during Fashion Week in Montevideo (Uruguay), according to officials at the hotel where the show was held.

22 year-old Luisel Ramos felt ill after walking the catwalk, fainted on her way to the dressing room and died in spite of the medical attention she received from a mobile hospital unit, sources told EFE.
The doctors who treated her diagnosed her with heart failure.
The young woman's father told police that the model had gone several days without eating.

In Uruguay's close neighbor, Argentina, more and more women struggling with body obsession. The United States leads the world in deaths caused by eating disorders, followed by Japan and Germany.


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