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To do with anorexia/starvation and the use of legs

This was in part prompted by an idiot comment about how the runway model should not have been able to walk if she was starving in the really sad post below.

I think I may cut the rest of it and I will warn people ahead of time that this post will likely mention very triggering bmi's mentioned by me and in other people's comments.

We all know that starvation eats the legs muscles. However some people's legs seem to hold out at really low bmi's and other go at slightly higher ones. I know when starving people in Africa come into feeding centers he staff are sometimes amazed that these people are still walking. I've been amazed by seeing very emaciated anorexics who can still walk yet you will see someone nowhere near that level of emaciation not able to walk no matter what they do. I have a bmi of 11.7 right now and I can still walk my legs get tired but I can still stand if I had to for a significant amount of time. My legs are weak though and in the past few days I fell twice when I went to pick up something because a specific muscle would not work. I also have fell down our stairs twice this week but they are carpeted so that could be part of the reason. I was just wondering if anyone has any information or theories on why some people's legs muscles hold out longer than others. I know there are a few people here who have gotten to the point where their legs muscles did not work. What were the precipitating factors and/or at what point in your illness did they discontinue not to work. Could it be heart related? Do you think that some people are just more hardwired to deal with starvation for whatever reasons (maybe naturally muscular legs before illness)

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