mountainofmine (mountainofmine) wrote in ed_ucate,


Since I've allowed myself to have dessert, I keep having it everyday. Because I deprived myself from it so much, now I don't know my limits. I seriously have no idea when I'm full and I keep eating too much. I'm getting worried because my weight has gone up steadily and consistently and I'm worried it might set me back. When I see the numbers go up on the scale I keep thinking oh I can make up for this tomorrow by not eating.

I also struggle with free food. Buffets and samples are just dangerous. I keep thinking back to when I didn't have an ED and wondering how my weight stayed stable. I'm so jealous of back then, when I didn't consistently count calories or worry about the nutritional content of my food.

So I have a few questions: Are you recovered? Has your weight stabilized? What steps have you taken to achieve this?

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