lilacpetals (lilacpetals) wrote in ed_ucate,

This is kindof a subtopic to the post with the videos about physical effects of anorexia, and whether it would effectively help people.

Do you people think that awareness and education about eating disorders actually work to PREVENT them, or merely to help convince sufferers to try to recover?

I ask because I ran the eating disorders awareness week at my school. The main point of it was to raise money for a local organization that helps people recover from eating disorders, but I also gave out sheets of paper with the ribbons that I sold with statistics on them. I'm wondering what I could do next year to make an effective awareness campaign. Do you think that if people saw a poster in their residence hallway that said "80% of people with anorexia survive. What about the other 20%?" or something like that, would it work?

To what extent COULD someone do something to prevent EDs, other than to change things in the media and pop culture and the whole mindset about thinness?

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