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Maple Syrup Diet

I found this article on one of my daily celebrity gossip sites. While this article points out that what Beyonce is doing is unhealthy, i think that it is articles like these that encourage people to try liquid diets.

The diet which BEYONCE KNOWLES used to help her lose 20 pounds (nine kilograms) for her latest film role has come under fire from leading dieticians. British newspaper the Daily Express claims the former DESTINY'S CHILD beauty adopted a "maple syrup" diet to shed to pounds as she prepared for her role as DINA in DREAMGIRLS. Knowles reportedly mixed the syrup with water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper - and it constituted her every meal over a period of days. Dietician ALISON CHIPPERFIELD, who works with British group Weight Concern, says, "The problem is not what's in the diet but what's not. "There are no fats, proteins, vitamins or minerals and the only carbohydrate is in the form of sugar... People would start to feel very lethargic and would be unable to concentrate... "They will probably end up in hospital, especially people who try it for more than 10 days."


This article doesn't make me mad, but what does is the fact that Beyonce is bragging about how she lost all this weight by not eating. People are now going to think, "Hey if Beyonce can do it for a few days, then i bet i can do it for a week and lose 40 pounds." 

I know its been discussed before, but do you think it is irresponsible for celebrities to brag about losing weight by unhealthy means?

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