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Discussion - Friends

I have never posted an entry here, so i apologise now for any mistakes or if it is deemed unacceptable.

Last night I told one of my closest friends, due to a quick fix of mania and anger, how much I dislike my mother right now. I sent her an email which did not mention my disorder at all, just how my mother keeps accusing me of things which could actually be triggering/upsetting, and how she knows nothing about the subject matter thus making me more angry. [This anger was brought on due to my mother calling me 'anorexic' yet again, in complete seriousness and honesty -- what irritates me is that i fit hardly any of the anorexia diagnostic criteria, except for body distortion possibly? Anyway i am disgressing, sorry].

I ended up explaining to my friend exactly what my mother had been saying and my friend responded in a complete 'angry-at-mum' manner -- she said to me:
"Yes you don't eat a lot but that is because you aren't hungry and not because you want to loose any weight"
I agreed and the conversation ended. At first i was utterly pleased by this response -- no questions, no panic --, however after a while i began to feel slightly upset and almost felt mocked? Ridiculous? I must not have a problem or else my best friend would have noticed, right?!

The discussion i wanted to open is, how do all of you feel about friends and their attitudes to your disorder? If this event had happened to you, would you feel almost upset about it like i do yet also pleased?
Do they ever pressure you into opening up about it/recovery/etc? If you aren't disordered, but have disordered friends, how do you treat them and act around them?

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