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misleading empty/full stomach sensations

i was wondering whether anyone -- particularly people recovering from BN, but anyone, really! -- has had a difficult time waiting for their digestive system to recalibrate itself, specifically as it pertains to knowing when one is satiated.

sometimes i think i'm done eating a meal and although i can feel food in my tummy, it simultaneously feels empty-ish and i want to keep eating to 'fill it up.'
i'm sure this has to do w/the fact that i'm used to stretching my stomach a bit during binges and becoming uncomfortably full, and b/c i generally sometimes eat for non-hunger-related reasons.

i know that it's not 'healthy' to eat until one actually FEELS *FULL* but i sort of like feeling extremely empty sometimes and hands-down full at other times. but of course, i don't want to set myself up to slip up (from stuffing myself & then wanting/needing to purge)...

any suggestions, comments, or anecdotes? thanks.

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