___thinkingthin (___thinkingthin) wrote in ed_ucate,

Ok, I've been a member for all of about three hours and asked a question already in regards to my bulimia, but now this one is actually a little deviant from being strictly ED-related.

Because I was such a serious gymnast for the length of time that I was, I didn't get my period until nearly my sophomore year of high school. Now I am nearing the end of my freshman year of college and although I have had it for almost four years, I have NEVER been regular. The closest I ever came to that was when I would get it every six weeks or so toward the beginning of the fall semester this year, before I dropped about twenty pounds to be where I'm at now.

So. I started looking into BC because I'm thinking I ought to switch onto it for the sake of possibly saving my reproductive health to a small degree.

But what else I've been wondering about, as of late, is whether or not being on BC might up my sexual appetite, or drive, or something. Because I've noticed that I have a near-complete lack of desire, and it almost seems to be increasing with time (I first realized this my junior year of high school). Is there any way the hormones in birth control might up my level of sexual desire? I feel like I'm really missing out, and I wonder if this lack of desire has to do with the fact that I used to barely menstruate, and now don't at all.

Any thoughts, any at all, would be SOOOOOO very much appreciated.

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