Red Hawk Rising (redhawkrising) wrote in ed_ucate,
Red Hawk Rising

massage therapy & EDs

i want to bring this up for curiousity's sake, but to also promote what i feel is beneficial therapy to people seeking recovery without meds or IV drips.
when i was 16 and at my lowest point with Anorexia, i was very close with my boyfriend-who-is-now-my-fiancee's mother. she is a massage therapist and a wonderful, wonderful woman. she saw what was going on with my ED, but instead of confronting me about it, she took another approach. She asked if i was interested in getting some free therapeutic massage. At first, I thought, "no way. i'm not getting half naked looking this disgusting in front of my boyfriend's mother." I could barely stand seeing myself naked, let alone knowing someone else was not only looking but touching me as well. I reluctantly gave in. For the next couple of months, she reguarly scheduled me in to receive therapeutic massage from her. We never talked about my ED, never even brought up weight - she simply recognized a neurological pathology and used the most ancient form of healing - manual manipulation.
during our sessions, i began to feel a change. when i was that sick, i had felt a disconnect between my mind and body - it felt as if i was starving my body to feed my head (anorexia is so often called a disorder from the 'neck up'). but after the sessions of therapeutic massage, my anxiety decreased, the benefit of touch reconnected me with my body's sensations, and the lymphatic drainage, and neuromuscular therapy helped my body that was in so much pain from the physical effects. i could never have thanked sheila enough for what she did to help me - until a year ago, when I realized that I wanted to help other people the way she helped me.
i'm currently a massage therapy student and the area of study that is most interesting me is massage therapy aiding neurological pathologies, with a focus on nervous mental behaviors like people with eating disorders, alcoholics, victims of abuse etc.etc.
when i introduced this theory of massage & EDs to my friend who was suffering, she was attracted to the idea and believed it would help immensely.
has anyone here received therapeutic massage, neuromuscular therapy, accupuncture or reiki during treatment? anyone have any thoughts or comments?

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