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I'd really like to discuss something I can't stop thinking about. I will attempt to explain it as best I can.

Technically, according to the DSM-IV (and this is just a brief summary from what I can remember), you are apparantly anorexic if you 1) have a BMI less than 17.5 or are below 85% of your ideal weight, 2) have had a loss of period for (if I remember correctly) 3 months, and 3) have a fear of gaining weight.

But in the article on the spanish fashion show that did not allow models with a BMI of less than 18, the representative from Elite modeling said that some women are not anorexic, but are naturally "gazelle like."

I have had friends who argue that although they are an anorexic weight and don't get their period, that they are NOT anorexic because they like food and eat a reasonable amount and naturally have a very high metabolism. When I was in the E.D. unit at UNC hospitals, there was a girl there who was at 75% her ideal weight, and was not afraid of food at all and actually complained she wasn't given enough to eat. Apparantly, she was a cross country runner and just ate very healthy and had a high metabolism.

To get to the point, my question is, although someone may fit the criteria for anorexia, are they indeed anorexic if they do not have a body image problem or fear of food (one of the criteria in DSM-IV I believe). I have wondered about this because I have been trying to recover from an eating disorder for years. When I was hospitalized a year and half ago with anorexia, I despised my body and was obsessed with losing weight. I recovered, gained the weight back, but now I'm horribly depressed I've found myself just plain not interested in food. I'm not hungry at all, and sometimes I wait to eat for that nawing hunger pang in the stomach but it never comes. I don't care whether I've lost weight or not and don't care about body image. I've also lost my period again. Is this anorexia, or am I just the kind of person who doesn't get hungry?

My question: If you don't care about calories or losing weight--but you fit an anorexic profile, are you really anorexic?

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