Erin P. (erinstotle) wrote in ed_ucate,
Erin P.

Adbusters no. 68

I found an excerpt from the latest Adbusters magazine in my local newspaper (Toronto Star), and so I thought I'd share it.


Shut up and eat "A table groaning with delicious food makes our senses bloom and can send us into a rapture of imagination, intellect, emotion and wonderment," writes Paul B. Hertneky, who makes a living writing about food.

"But talking about the food itsellf, at that moment, is like discussing lip tissue while kissing".

Sadly, that is exactly what appears to be happening. "These days we are goaded into elaboration. Our media heralds every aspect of food. The programs, advertisers, researchers and advocates have made an industry out of informing and scaring and enticing us. We are urged to define ourselves by our choices, and to talk about them, often with our mouths full."

Enthusiasts "gorge on images and words, rapturous words, stern words, clever words, words in the mouths of stars, experts, chefs and doctors, words off the fingertips of those like me, who obsess about food, unleash our imaginations on food, craving and coveting it, loving it and fondling it, very much vearying it, and essentially having it replace sex in our middle age".


Just something for everyone to think about. Take er easy.

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